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How to Apply for Emirates Airline jobs 2024 Apply Online

In This Post  How to Apply For Emirates Airline Jobs Online Step-by-Step Guide

Cabin Crew Eligibility

Emirates Airlines is specifically seeking candidates who meet the following criteria for the cabin crew positions:

  • Fluent in written and spoken English (additional languages are advantageous)
  • Minimum height of 160cm, with the ability to reach 212cm
  • Able to meet the employment visa requirements of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Possess at least one year of hospitality or customer service experience
  • Minimum high school education
  • No visible tattoos while in uniform


Required Documents

  • Your Updated CV

  • Your Recent Photo


How to Apply For Emirates Airline jobs Online Step-by-Step Guide

Candidates have to Open the Emirates website from the given Apply Here Button




How to Apply For Emirates


Register Yourself


When you go to the Emirates Official Website, you have to create an account on this website. When you click on this button, a new screen will appear in front of you. On that screen, these options will appear. You have to click on the New User button if you don’t have an account.




Screenshot (30)-min



Select Position

When you create an account, you have to select the position to which you want to apply.

In my case, I selected cabin crew.

There are four forms you have to fill out to apply for this job.

Open From To Apply for Job. There Are four Steps to applying for the job.

Step 1: Personal Information:


When you select this form. You have to fill in personal information on this form, like your title, First Name, Last Name, etc. All the required information must be filled in correctly.

Screenshot (31)-min

Apply For Emirates Airline jobs


After filling in your information and answering the required questions on this form, you have to click on the button Save and Continue.

Step 2: Photos and CV Documents

On the next page, you have to attach your current photo and your CV to this form.


Screenshot (35)-min

Step 3: Declaration


On this form, you have to provide your name and email address for official use.

And click on the button Save and Continue.

Screenshot (39)


Step 4: Review and Submit

On this page, you can see your application, and if you want to change something in your application form, this is the correct time, because if you submit your application, you cannot change it after that.

After checking your application form, you simply have to click on the button Submit to apply for a cabin crew job.

Apply For Emirates jobs

After Applying for these jobs, Check You Email.

Screenshot (38)-min

The next step is Below:

Open Day:

The Emirates Open Day will be waiting for you once you have completed the first step. An Open Day is a prearranged event that is held by airlines that are actively seeking new people to join their crew. The events can take place in any part of the planet. Candidates who have been selected for further consideration will be notified within the day. The recruiter could inquire about your previous work experience, your history, and the level of commitment you have to the position.

After this, the staff will have an opportunity to have a better look at the applicant on an Assessment Day that will follow. Even if you are asked to do one, though, that does not guarantee that you will obtain the job.

In this assessment, the Official will check details about you. Like

  • Acquainting oneself with the airline

  • Interactions with the Emirates Crew consisting of question and answer sessions

  • Group activities, role plays, and debates

  • A measurement of your height and reach is required for tattoo examinations.

  • The reading, listening, and speaking components of the English language examinations

  • Personality questionnaires

Emirates Airline jobs Interview

After candidates have been narrowed down and shortlisted, the final interview will typically take place on the same day as the evaluation day. The easiest approach to ensure that you will get the job is to do well in the final interview. The level of competition to pass this phase is significantly higher than that of the preceding phases. The interviews typically last for around half an hour. A webcam is used for some of the interviews that are conducted online. This is the area in which you ought to excel the most.

Inform your potential employers about all of the relevant abilities, expertise, and ambitions you have for the position you are applying for. If your application is accepted, the airline business will get in touch with you to let you know the results. After this, there will be an evaluation of the candidate’s personality, then a medical assessment, and finally, training for the actual work.


When they are finished, the recruitment team will transmit your whole file to the headquarters in Dubai so that they may give it additional consideration. You are now only one phone call away from completing the very last step.

Emirates Airline jobs Final Stage

Now that you’re closer to your dreams, prepare your necessary documents. Emirates will perform medical and background checks throughout the final application stage. After they’re satisfied, they’ll offer you a job.

The management will request your police reports to confirm that you have no prior offenses relating to the current immigration restrictions. To ensure no health risks arise, your current dental and medical information will be reviewed. You will receive login details to a restricted Emirates career portal section if the checks pass. It details your training and employment.

Emirates Airline Training

As was just discussed, you are required to first complete the necessary training in order to become a member of the cabin crew for Emirates Airlines before you can start flying for the company. During this portion of your training, you will be briefed, trained, evaluated, and equipped to service your passengers in accordance with the standards set out by Emirates Airlines. How to Apply For Emirates Airline Jobs




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